Who is Ranjit?

Who is Ranjit?

We come across the character, Ranjit Singh in three different episodes of season 1- “The Pilot Episode,” “The Limo,” and “Game Night,” but we never really get to know that much about him! Here you can get all of the details about Ranjit, that are developed and revealed throughout all 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother as well as a little extra detail about him!

Ranjit is a former New York City taxi driver from Bangladesh. Ranjit steps up his career and become occupied in the profession of a limousine chauffeur, in which Barney, Ted, Lily, Marshall and Robin occasionally need! However, what makes Ranjit a humorous character is the fact that he does not have a driver’s license.

Ranjit maintains a good relationship with each of the main characters since his first appearance and has a cheery disposition.  Ranjit drives the character around on a few occasions and becomes a nice addition to the cast of HIMYM, because instead of having a random driver every time the gang takes a car somewhere, the writers of HIMYM decide to create a character that the viewers can get to know as the show continues on! Here are some extra facts about Ranjit!

We are eventually introduced to Ranjit’s wife, named Falguni, when Marshall and Lily invite Ranjit and her for a double date. Being from Bangladesh, Ranjit doesn’t necessarily understand the social norms in America, which is why he commonly makes inappropriate jokes while driving the main characters around. Initially Ranjit decided to be a taxi driver when he moved to New York, because it helped him learn english. Ranjit enjoyed listening to the conversation his passengers had, because he always learned new words! Ranjit had other hopes in terms of his career, however he loved driving people around and being entertained by their conversations, so when he made enough money, he bought his very own limousine! Ranjit works for himself and makes a good living being a limousine driver. His favorite customer is Barney, because Ranjit finds him to be the most entertaining person to drive around!

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