Critical Responses

Linked below are some of the thoughts, critiques, and general writing we, as  authors of this blog, have created in relation to How I Met Your Mother and other outside sources. They are interesting and attentive towards HIMYM as a television show and what that means  in this era and thinks about many questions of television as a medium. The reviews demonstrate how this legendary show (HIMYM) serves as a good example for different TV topics and can relate to many broader aspects of life. Read and hopefully enjoy, then leave your own opinions and give us some feedback. This is a chance to look at HIMYM once again and dig in a little deeper!

Chaveli Concepcion

- Public: How Strangers Relate

- Television: The Right Way to Watch

Kevin Currie

- Bardic Function: Ephemeral or Enduring

- Episodic v. Serial TV: Is It OK to Jump In?

Morgan Gruber

-The Ironic Viewer of HIMYM

-Reaching the Everyday Viewer on a Personal Level 

Alexa Young

-Slow TV-A Dying Breed

- Bardic Function, Then and Now

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