Studio 1's rendition of monster

Monster on the Loose

Good Evening, New York. I’m Robin Scherbatsky and I am filling in for Sandy Rivers this evening as he has gone missing.

Our station suspects that Sandy’s disappearance is related to tonight’s breaking news story: an angry monster wearing all white on the loose at a wedding.

Witnesses claim to have seen the creature roaring at guests of a wedding. Wedding-goer, Ted Mosby, described the scene as “pure chaos”. “I thought I was looking at Bridezilla in the flesh! I was terrified! And it could smell my fear!”, said Mosby.

When we asked his friend, Barney Stenson, to rate his level of alertness out of 10, he said, “16”, although it was unclear whether he was referring to the fear evoked by the presence of the monster or the hotness of two bridesmaids.

screenshot from Netflix, Season 1: Episode 12; 19:21
screenshot from Netflix, Season 1: Episode 12; 19:21

Groom, Stewart Bowers, mentioned tensions that arose between him and his bride about planning and guests. “I hate to admit that the monster could be my bride; it is not out of the question. She has been acting very hostile these past few days. That being said, I never saw any hints of this type of psychosis in the woman I asked to marry me. If the monster is, in fact, my bride, this isn’t what I signed up for.”

Foul play is suspected in the disappearance of Sandy Rivers due to reports from NYPD’s chief, Mary Awry. She has described this monster as 5’8” wearing all white and extremely stressed.

Awry is urging anyone with information on the monster or Sandy’s whereabouts to call NYPD immediately at (BRI) DEZ-ILLA.

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