How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby

Ted Mosby is a cheeseball. Holding onto, and striving for silly ideals of the perfect life and how things “are supposed to work,” Ted manages to be liked and resented all at the same time. He is desperately in search of a long, monogamous relationship (arguably marriage). His life is essentially characterized by questionable romantic gestures, and heavy reliance on friends’ advice as if he were incapable of making decisions himself. He means well, but why is Ted so seemingly misguided?

Born Theodore Evelyn Mosby, Ted’s middle name is just emasculating enough to set the stage for his behaviors stemming from his early life. Growing up with sister Heather, who was known for being rebellious and impulsive, Ted subsequently chose the safe, sound, and behaved route, and ran with it. In his home life and relationship life, Ted was always correcting people’s mistakes, and distinguishing right from wrong.These feminine and overly-caring tendencies reflected his romantic life in every way.


Growing up, it was very clear that Ted resembled that of a romantic. Beginning in elementary school, Ted would kiss every girl he ever liked. It was cute at first, and “cooties” were the only real fear. As this continued into middle school, the “cooties” evolved into an “ew, I don’t like you.” From there, high school began and the “ew,” became a slap in the face. Ted’s relentless yet admirably persistent personality was what eventually found him love, but not without trial and error. From then on, Ted was a hopeless yet well-practiced romantic without an ounce of real confidence, but a world’s worth of hope.

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