Ted Loses Man Card


Local resident, Ted Mosby, has lost his man card. The disappearance of the card was linked to the moving in of Ted’s roommate’s fiancée, Lily who is now the main culprit. Ted had forfeited his territory, prized coffee maker (Shockey), spot on the wall for his sword collection, and any sense of dignity or control thereby losing his man card.

"Shockey", Netflix screenshot, Season 1 Episode 8; 1:07
“Shockey”, Netflix screenshot, Season 1 Episode 8; 1:07

When we questioned a friend of Ted’s, Barney Stenson, he said, “[Ted] is so screwed…They’re edging him out…That Lily, she’s a shrewd one.” He believes that the debate initially arose from the dilemma of who should move out when Lily marries Ted’s roommate, Marshall.

When asked to respond, Ted said, “They’re edging me out. They’re totally edging me out. I didn’t believe it, but you’re right.” Particularly painful was his coming forward with the fact that he has been unable to locate his man card.

The Robin had an exclusive one-on-one interview with Lily to get her point of view and to continue to fulfill the promise to our viewers that The Robin will remain your fair and balanced news source.

Netflix screenshot, Season 1: Episode 8; 19:34
Netflix screenshot, Season 1: Episode 8; 19:34

Straight to the point, Lily says, “He’s not cool with me moving in…What’s he PMSing about?”

The disappearance of Ted’s man card increased tensions between Marshall and Lily, ultimately resulting in the stabbing of Lily by Marshall with a sword. Marshall is considered to be armed and dangerous: if you think that you see him, do not confront him. Instead, call 1-800-MAN-CARD

Ted Mosby put forth one final effort to find his man card by purchasing a telephone booth for the apartment. Ultimately, his efforts proved unsuccessful as Lily appears to have moved in–the man card seems to be gone for good.


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