Robin Scherbatsky

Robin Scherbatsky is a crowd-pleaser. Known best for making the pant-suit famous, this conservative news anchor is confident and independent beyond her years. She smokes cigars, watches hockey, drinks scotch, and plays with guns. Needless to say, Robin is nothing short of one of the guys. But why?

Born in Canada, Robin’s earliest years reflect nothing more than what some might call a “phase to be forgotten.” Starting out as a young Canadian popstar is hardly a prerequisite for becoming a news anchor, but if anyone were to take the route, it’s Robin. Under the stage name of “Robin Sparkles,” her hit song “Let’s Go to the Mall” lead to her eventual aversion to shopping malls. And with that, the pant-suit was born.


Without a doubt, Robin’s biggest conservative quality is her individualism. While her talents regarding malls and pop-stardom fell by the wayside, she applied herself and became a familiar face on televisions of New York, making the substantial jump from covering cats in trees, to dogs in potholes. Thus, despite her strong efforts continually ending up as failures, Robin’s hard work and determination are two qualities that no other character possesses to such an extent, making even her worst efforts and weirdest character traits acceptable and respected.

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