Lily Aldrin

Lily Aldrin is a crowd-pleaser. The combination of her tendencies such as casually smoking, spending money that she doesn’t have, and a history of unfaithfulness, give her and Marshall a terrible credit ranking. While flawed, however, Lily always seems to make her wrongs right, time and time again. But is that enough to prove herself as wife, and eventually as mother material?

 Growing up with only a mother figure, it is understandable that Lily would follow in her mother’s footsteps (including the mistakes she has made). Working two jobs to support the family, Lily’s mother was often too busy even for her, which resulted in Lily acting out to get whatever type of attention she possibly could–this follows her later in life as well, an explanation for the myriad mistakes or flaws she possesses throughout the show. Early in school, Lily adopts the goth phase by dying her hair, wearing all black, and acting out against the world. She also dates around, many of the guys being completely unsuitable for a girl of her character, but naturally, she would disagree.


Carried over from her younger years with her mother, Lily has learned the art of manipulation, both in situations and of others, to get what she wants. Seen on the show, Lily is especially talented at forcing break-ups between two people that “are not right for each other,” as she would unfairly assume. A reflection of her parents who divorce after seasons of the show, Lily wishes she could have done the same for them.

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