Episode #7 The Matchmaker

 “The Matchmaker”

In this episode of HIMYM, Ted reluctantly signs up with a dating service, with a 100% success rate.  Ellen from love solutions’ promise is that  within three days, she will find Ted the “woman of his dreams.” This dating service is supposed to provide Ted with options, however, with Ted’s luck,  Ellen can’t find him a single  available match!

In order to match a couple up, they must have at least a 6 in compatibility. There is one woman, Sarah, that Ted has a compatibility rate of 9.6 with, however she was fixed up 6 months prior with a man that she had an 8.5 compatibility rate with.  Ted then takes it upon himself to go on a search for Sarah and convince her that she is the only one for Ted, out of pure desperation. Throughout the episode, Ted  goes on a search for the woman of his dreams, and eventually tracks down Sarah. He meets Sarah and tells her about there 9.6 compatibility rate, but she is in love with the man that had an 8.5 compatibility rate  with her. Ted almost loses hope, but Sarah convinces him that there is someone out there for everyone and no computer system can  change that.

While Ted end the episode positively, Ellen from Love Solutions is a disaster. She has a 100% success rate, so this is driving her crazy and she will do whatever she can to find Ted a match. But, the episode ends with Ted’s optimistic outlook and we never find out what happens to Ellen and if she ever finds Ted a match. So does Ellen ever find Ted a match?

A few days after Ted made his visit to Sarah, things started to go awry in Sarah’s relationship. She began to question everything. What if she could be with a guy that she had a 9.6 compatibility rate with?  Sarah breaks up with her soon to be husband, because she now thinks she can find a more perfect man for her, maybe even 10.  Sarah goes back to Love Solutions and Ellen is both relieved and concerned to see her. Sarah being available again, means there is an available match out there for Ted, even if Ted is no longer signed up with Love Solutions. However, Sarah breaking up with her 8.5, still means that the 100% success rate is no longer true. Ellen completely loses it. She is haunted by Ted and her computer’s algorithm gets all disheveled. Ellen is forced to shut down Love Solutions, because she can no longer claim 100% success, and spends the rest of her life wondering what would’ve happened had Ted never walked into Love Solutions?

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