Episode #6: The Slutty Pumpkin

“The Slutty Pumpkin”

In this Halloween episode of How I Met Your Mother, hopeless romantic, Ted spends his night waiting for “the slutty pumpkin” a girl he met four years prior at a Halloween party on the rooftop of his apartment building. When Ted met this girl, she gave him her phone number, by writing it on a Kit Kat bar. Ted briefly left the party to go back to his apartment and while he was back in his apartment, Lily accidentally gave the Kit Kat bar with “the slutty pumpkin’s” phones number away to trick or treaters! When Ted returned back to the party, the slutty pumpkin was nowhere to be found. So the next four Halloween’s Ted spent at the same rooftop party, waiting for her to return. All Ted knows about this girl is that she has studied penguins and enjoys making a drink that is a mix of Kahlua and Root Beer, which she calls a tootsie Roll.

So in “The Slutty Pumpkin”, Ted begins the night by waiting for the slutty pumpkin. Barney tries to convince Ted to come to a Victoria’s Secret party on a yacht, but ted refuses to go. Barney is angry at Ted for not coming  so he decided to play a trick on Ted.  After Barney tricks Ted, by dressing up as a penguin and making the tootsie roll, Ted eventually  gives up and ends the night early.

Viewers are now left wondering who this girl is and would she and Ted have ever crossed paths again? Well the story of “The Slutty Pumpkin” on this Halloween night, goes as follows:

The Slutty Pumpkin’s name is Taylor (nickname tootsie, hence the name of her signature drink). Ted and Taylor could have crossed paths on several occasions, but the timing never worked out quite right for them. Taylor works for Victoria’s Secret and began her night at the Victoria’s Secret party. About a half hour after Barney asked Ted to attend that party, Taylor left. It’s likely that Ted and Taylor would have crossed paths just as Ted was arriving and Taylor was leaving, but Ted did not want to go to that party. After the Victoria’s Secret party, Taylor made her way to the party on the rooftop of Ted’s apartment building. It was her first time making it back to that party since four years earlier, when she and Ted met, because she had been out of town on work trips for the last few Halloweens. Taylor’s best friend happens to live in the same building as Ted, which is why she comes to this party. By the time Taylor made it to the rooftop party, Ted had already given up and gone to sleep. If Ted’s night had gone just slightly differently, he could have bumped into “The Slutty Pumpkin,”but clearly the two were not meant to be.


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