Screen Grab. Episode 10, season 1. 21:49

Episode #10: The Pineapple Incident

 “The Pineapple Incident”

Identifying missing details from a television episode can help a viewer to understand the structure and happenings of the episode as a whole. In “The Pineapple Incident” of How I Met Your Mother, a prominent character, Ted, wakes up from a long night out, only to discover several random clues about what actually happened that night. Ted finds a girl he does not remember in bed, a sprained ankle, and a pineapple on his bedside table. Throughout the episode we learn what happened to his ankle and who the girl was, but what happened to the pineapple? Here you can find out:

After Ted gets completely belligerent, he works up the courage to call Robin and confess his love for her by singing a song. Ted get carried away singing and he stands on a table belting out this love song. In his state of drunkenness, Ted falls of the table and sprains his ankle and  Lily and Marshall decide it’s time to put Ted to bed, but shortly after, Ted wakes right back up and heads back down to McClaren’s where he finds Barney. Ted thinks he is going to be sick so he goes to the bathroom. On his way back from the bathroom he makes a wrong turn and ends up in the kitchen. Carl, the bartender, had been working on some new drink concoctions earlier in the night and (his new drink, The Red Dragon, is what got Ted so drunk in the first place) the ingredients for The Yellow Dragon were all out on the kitchen counter. The Yellow Dragon consisted of pineapple, vodka, Malibu, and lemonade. As Ted wandered into the kitchen, he came across the pineapple. In his drunken state, Ted thought that the pineapple looked like a yellow flower. So, Ted took the pineapple in hopes of giving it to Robin.


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