screenshot from Netflix, 14:12, Season 1: Episode 9

Robin Investigates: Feeding the Hungry

In this special episode of “Robin Investigates: Feeding the Hungry”, we take a closer look at the distribution of resources in a local food pantry that serves the hungry. The results below may surprise you.

Our undercover Thanksgiving Day operation shockingly revealed that the distribution of food was not only unequal, but was almost entirely selective for one group of people: the homeless.

As expected, this did not settle well with everyone. Regular volunteer, Amanda, said, “I think it’s just messed up that I’m in here working all day and they get all of the food! What ever happened to spreading the food?!…It’s not like they’re doing any work!”

screenshot from Netflix, Season 1: Episode 9; 9:39
screenshot from Netflix, Season 1: Episode 9; 9:39

Business manager and local hero, Kendall, decided to take matters into his own hands when he saw the unfair and unequal distribution of food. “I had no idea that this was happening,” said Kendall. “This injustice will not slip by me. This food is supposed to be for the hungry and we’re starving!”

screenshot from Netflix Season 1: Episode 9; 4:55
screenshot from Netflix Season 1: Episode 9; 4:55

Kendall immediately set a system to reallocate some of the food to those who actually work: the volunteers and himself. While Kendall recognizes that these actions have barely impacted the flawed system as a whole, he and his staff firmly believe that this relocation is “a step in the right direction.”

The production team here at Metro News 1 would like to salute Kendall and Amanda and their peaceful disobedience. We recognize that it takes significant amounts of courage to take a stand for what you believe in when it goes against the modus operandi.

This has been a special report of “Robin Investigates: Feeding the Hungry” We report, you decide.

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